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Experienced – As a CEO, Managing Director, Business Owner and former London Police Officer you are guaranteed a wealth of leadership knowledge, experience and expertise based on over 35 years in the role across a variety of industries and professions. Knowledgeable – Leadership roles in Retail, Telecoms, National Charities, Forces, SME’s and large Corporates, I have been privileged to lead and manage people across an exceptionally wide range of industries. Qualified – After redundancy in 2004, I trained as a coach in the USA and have spent the last 19 years travelling the world, helping new leaders to develop, and working with experienced leaders to learn new skills for the digital age. So, no matter what level of leadership you are currently at I am confident there will be something of value and interest here for you. I am excited to share my many years of knowledge and experiences with you. Welcome to Learning2lead.